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On board Barge 166, we offer Private Cask Owners the unique opportunity to customize their own fine spirits expression.

You will be appointed cellar master selecting, refining and finally bottling a 30-liter cask of your tailor-made spirit, according to your personal tastes.

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Margaux Lespinasse

Margaux Lespinasse, Private Cask Manager, is your guide as you explore our selection from the world’s best terroirs.




We offer only 100% Grande Champagne premier cru Ferrand cognacs, with an array of blends and vintages carefully selected by our Cellar Master.




Plantation offers a sensorial journey through the rich gourmet rums of Barbados, the exotic fruit notes of Fiji and the power and character of Jamaica.

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Each element in the crafting of a fine spirit – distillation, terroir, age and charring – plays its part to create a truly unique final product.

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Ferrand Cognac is distilled in traditional copper pot stills over an open flame.

Plantation Rum offers several options: traditional pot still for a full-bodied profile, column still for a smooth and elegant taste, or a harmonious blend of the two.

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The terroirs of rum also show distinct personalities: Barbados is known for rich and balanced expressions, Fiji for exotic fruit notes and Jamaica for legendary power. For cognac, no terroir is more prestigious than the Grande Champagne at the very heart of the Cognac region in the south west of France.

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The ageing process further defines a spirit. Private Cask Owners have the option of a single vintage expression or a blend of several vintages, as well as a choice of younger spirits (aged 3 years) or older rums and cognacs that have aged 12 years or longer.

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Your personalized spirit will complete its maturation process on board Barge 166 in a 30L French Oak cask that is treated to the degree of charring that you prefer. Light, medium and strong charring options add yet another custom element to your bespoke rum or cognac.

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For a period of 6 months to 2 years, your Private Cask will rest in our floating cellar, where the high rate of humidity will enhance its concentration and intensity.

When you decide that your cognac or rum has reached the peak of maturity and ultimate flavor potential, we bottle your specially designed expression in 50cl personalized bottles (approximately 50 bottles per 30L cask) and deliver them to the address of your choice.

Embarquez à bord du premier chai flottant avec Barge 166

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us at the Château de Bonbonnet in Cognac to pick up your bottles and explore our production sites with us.



Since every spirit aged on board Barge 166 is unique, prices per cask depend on the choice of cognac or rum expression to be customized, with a general range between 2,500 and 4,500 € incl. VAT in France. We provide individual price quotes on demand. Products not for resale.



C'est une dégustation de spiritueux et de rhum. Il s'agit d'une expérience unique réservée aux passionnés de rhum à Paris, le tout sur une péniche. Un lieu insolite à découvrir.
Barge 166, a floating cellar, a brand new exclusive experience in Paris, dedicated for cognac and rum lovers
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Your custom spirit is stored and aged in its own 30L cask, labeled with a brass plate inscribed with the name of your choice.

Private Cask Manager Margaux Lespinasse welcomes you on board twice a year to taste your custom rum or cognac and track its progress.

Get priority access to the Barge for private events or any activity organized aboard.

We bottle your custom spirit in 50cl vessels labeled with the name of the owner(s) and a logo if desired, as well as the technical details of its contents and maturation process.