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Barge 166
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Inspired by ancestral traditions, Maison Ferrand Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel loves to try fresh approaches to making exceptional spirits.

He shares these experiments with Private Cask Owners as they age their custom casks in the world’s first floating cellar.

Your Own Private Cask by Barge 166
Alexandre Gabriel

“ My teams and I have a single motto: to create by drawing inspiration from ancestral traditions, combined with today’s energy and savoir-faire. Reinventing the classics and promoting innovation. ”

dynamic ageing

Alexandre Gabriel and his team study the historic technique of dynamic ageing, where sea voyages increase the intensity of casked spirits as they move with the waves.

Dessin_1 AGEING

Dynamic Ageing

We take that magic touch even further on board Barge 166 by maturing Plantation Rum and Ferrand Cognac below the water level. Each Private Cask contains a totally original expression, customized by and for its owner.

Your Own Private Cask by Barge 166
A. Gabriel

Our floating cellar on the Seine, designed to store small barrels below the water level, is an innovative space for maturing great cognacs and great rums and will enable us to develop our experiments even further.

Unique entertainment experience paris. Welcome aboard Barge 166, the first floating cellar, a experience for spirit lovers